Business law, commercial law and national and international contracts.

The firm provides, together with the international corporate consultancy, adequate assistance in the related tax aspects.

The firm also takes care of every aspect connected to the ordinary and extraordinary activities of the life of the company, from the time of incorporation and start-up, such as the problems connected to the functioning (resolutions and minutes) of the corporate bodies (Meetings, Board of Directors) or those for the conduct of business (national and international contracts, litigation, etc.).

Specific expertise, among others, has been acquired with companies operating in the sector:

  • Agri-food
  • Airport (management company, handling, retail shops)
  • Aviation (regulatory and contractual for airlines and helicopters)
  • Retail and catering chains
  • Establishment of franchising networks
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Energy and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical, food supplements and cosmetics
  • Immigration
  • IT
  • TLC
  • International trading of goods and commodities
  • Logistic and transport
  • Sport law